Lövsta Future Challenge
  • Gothenburg 2017

    Bringing future stars to Gothenburg

LFC International

Lövsta Future Challenge is a well-established Swedish concept for talent development aimed at young horses and U25 riders in both dressage and jumping. Our goal is to help Sweden reach its full potential internationally as an equestrian nation and to show the Swedish equestrian sport as a role model for others.

Through our national series, we give young horses and U25 riders the arena and conditions to advance towards the international top sport. In cooperation with the country’s top competition organizers, we offer the best combinations of riders and horses to gain the routine and experience that are needed. We not only lift the horses and riders but also the teams behind them, including; grooms, trainers, breeders, horse owners and sponsors. All are incredibly important for developing talent and keeping it in the country. Lövsta Future Challenge also strives to create forums where riders and equestrian professionals can exchange knowledge and work together towards a sport where the environment and horsemanship are central themes.

With a common vision for the importance of giving U25 riders the best possible conditions to develop on their way towards the international top sport, Lövsta Future Challenge, in collaboration with FEI European Championships 2017, is now inviting the best U25 riders from across Europe to join us. Our hope is that this initiative will give riders the opportunity to gain valuable experience, make new contacts and to showcase themselves to both current and future sponsors.

We will invite 20 showjumping riders from 10 nations and 12 dressage riders from 10 nations. Each nation will select its most promising U25 rider who will be allowed to bring one horse with them. The showjumping classes will be for both individuals and teams while the dressage classes will only be for individual contestants.

For the young dressage and showjumping riders the week in Gothenburg will not only mean the opportunity to compete in an amazing championship arena, but also provide the opportunity to meet other U25 riders and the world’s top riders during different events.