Increased integration in the equestrian sport

A collaboration between Lövsta Future Challenge, Kompisbyrån and Stockholm Horse Week now enables a friendly fika* during Stockholm Horse Week. About 50 people, both new and established Swedes, are matched for coffee and then go together on Sunday’s competitions.

– This cooperation means a lot to us. We want the equestrian sport to feel open and accessible. This project helps to get more Swedes to take part in the sport, ”says Johan Pagerup, CEO of Stockholm Horse Week.

June 13-16, the world’s best riders and horses gather in Stockholm for Longines Global Champions Tour and Stockholm Horse Week. Four days filled with jumping and dressage at the highest level for both seniors and U25 riders are waiting for Stockholm Stadium.

During Sunday’s competition day, Kompisbyrån organize a fika where they bring together new and established Swedes with common interests. First they get together and then they go to see the competitions together.

– We are incredibly pleased with this cooperation as it is a way for us to make our business even more accessible to new target groups. We believe in the power of the meeting to unite people and we look forward to linking up many new friendships during Stockholm Horse Week, says Emma Hammar, founder of Kompisbyrån.

The initiator of the collaboration is Stockholm Horse Week’s partner Lövsta Future Challenge, which is the equestrian leader’s leading sustainability actor.

– Sustainability is important for Lövsta Future Challenge. Sometimes you forget that a prerequisite for us to be able to move towards a sustainable society is that we can work together and that there is trust between people. In our opinion, we contribute to this, says Emelie Broman Tegelberg, project manager Lövsta Future Challenge.

In total 45 people came and fikade during Sunday’s competitions

Nice weather and world-class equestrian sports were offered when 45 people, both native swedes and newly arrived, got together and asked questions to Fredrik Spetz, elite rider and trainer, to learn more about equestrian and the horse industry.

Fredrik Spetz answered questions about what physics one rider needs to be in order to be at the highest level in the sport. He also talked about how to succeed in sports without financial capital and how he himself works with his horses to be at the very highest level.

Alexandra Mörner and Fredrik Spetz

Picture: Adam Andersson/Relai

About Kompisbyrån:

Kompisbyrån is a non-profit organization which, through financing and collaborations with industry and public actors, carries out a unique and easily accessible method that contributes to increased integration and a society characterized by openness and released potential. The goal is clear, by matching new and established Swedes with common interests for a friendship, we contribute to language development, a meaningful leisure and job. Since the start in 2014, more than 17,000 individuals have been matched, 98% recommends the Kompisbyrån. Read more at

*Fika: This means taking a break from an activity to drink coffee, tea or any other drink, with or without accessories, usually together with others.